AFL New Zealand National Team Coach



AFL New Zealand Senior Men’s Team Head Coach Status: CLOSED

AFL New Zealand Senior Men’s Team Assistant Coach Status: CLOSED

AFL New Zealand Senior Women’s Team Head Coach Status: CLOSED

AFL New Zealand Senior Women’s Team Assistant Coach Status: CLOSED

AFL New Zealand U18 Team Head Coach Status: OPEN

AFL New Zealand U18 Team Assistant Coach Status: OPEN

Reports to: AFLNZ CEO/ AFLNZ Team Programme Manager

Key Links: AFLNZ Team Programme Manager, AFLNZ Senior, Under 18 Head & Assistant Coaches, Development Coaches, Premiership Coaches, Players, Regional Senior Club coaches, AFLNZ Team Managers

Employment type: Volunteer

Position duration

Senior (Men’s and Women’s): from appointment to end of September 2024

Under 18: from appointment to end of May 2023

Position Scope

This Role will work closely with the AFLNZ CEO, AFLNZ Team Programme Manager to coach and develop the New Zealand Senior or Under 18 team to perform at their highest level in accordance with AFL New Zealand framework within the confines of the AFL New Zealand policy and guidelines.

Position Purpose

  • To ensure ongoing Duty of Care (DOC) and football development for all players relating to on and off field development
  • To assist with delivery of AFL New Zealand football program
  • To assist with training design, set-up and review
  • To attend and review performance of players in premiership games
  • To provide leadership and best practices in this specific area
  • To assist with the implementation of Individual Action Plans(IAP) for players in the New Zealand Senior and U18 Squads

Key Responsibilities

Culture and leadership

  • Demonstrate leadership of the AFLNZ values and behaviours both within the AFLNZ coaching and player community, and across the organisation


  • Develop and foster relationships across AFLNZ coaching community and players within AFLNZ programmes and Local leagues

Operational Execution

Professional, Coach and Programme Development

  • Assist with the development of the AFLNZ Coach Development programme
  • Attend and/or Assist with the delivery of AFLNZ Coaching workshops

Player Identification and Development

  • Assist with delivery of AFL New Zealand pathway program
  • Work closely with the AFLNZ Team Programme Manager to grow and develop:
    • Player Pathway
    • Coaching Pathway
    • Values and Behaviours framework

Training, design, preparation and analysis

  • Assist with drill design and delivery
  • Coordinate, set-up and execute training drills
  • Prepare/report on decision making training analysis

Campaign preparation, design, execution and review

  • Assist with the campaign itinerary within parameters provided
  • Coach New Zealand teams on game day
  • Individual player reviews in conjunction with other coaches
  • Campaign and game review in conjunction with team management and the player group


  • Display a high energy level, a sound working knowledge of job requirements and ability to effectively apply such knowledge with a strong desire to achieve
  • Consistently meet quality standards and exercising sound judgement without repetitive mistakes or procedural errors
  • Consistently follow and apply written standards and procedures applicable to the position
  • Research and understand current and future best practice methods for coaching
  • Willingly consider new ideas or alternative methods for achieving results
  • Advanced interpersonal and communication skills, including a commitment to open, honest, two-way and frequent communication and a desire to work as part of a team



  • Possess the ability to coach and build strong relationships with players
  • Possess the ability to prioritise and manage resources accordingly
  • Well-developed communication skills, experience and maturity to relate to staff, players and volunteers at all levels of the organisation
  • Coaching within the AFLNZ Premiership


  • Coaching Regional club football


  • Clear and concise communication skills
  • High level of time management and attention to detail
  • Collaborative and encouraging while driving sound outcomes
  • Possess a strong focus on continuing education and innovation specifically related to the changing needs of the elite football club environment and players
  • A strong personal brand, including displaying well developed personal values, integrity and a commitment to professionalism and accountability
  • Organised and outcome focused whilst remaining generous, hospitable, inclusive, considerate and open
  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team
  • Ability to develop an engaged and high performance team environment
  • Commitment to self-improvement and learning and development
  • A team player who works across the organisation to support other members of the team.