Giants sink Crows Premiership hopes

The Central Giants have sunk the Crows hopes of lifting the Premiership trophy after defeating the side in the Crows final game of the season, scoring two goals in quick succession to get ahead in the final quarter.

Right from the first whistle, the game was on and the contest was tight. The Central Giants applied pressure early but the Crows defense held strong, keeping the Giants forwards quiet and dismantling their inside 50 efforts. The counterattack from the Crows was strong and gave them an early lead, but the Giants wouldn’t stay down for long and their accuracy in front of goal put them ahead at the end of the first with only five points separating the two sides.

The Crows came out of the break strong, using their run and carry effectively and keeping pressure on the Giants. As the pressure mounted, the Giants started to make mistakes, giving away a couple of 50’s and providing the Crows with opportunities to score, converting both opportunities into goals. The Crows defense made it impossible for the Giants to break out of their own half, taking multiple intercept marks and disrupting their efforts to run the ball out. The Crows pulled away from the Giants with an 8 point lead and feeling in control of the game.

Coming out of the half time break, the Giants were fired up, and the back and forward contest from the first quarter returned to the game, both sides struggling to gain a leg up on to the other. With only 6 points separating the sides heading into the final quarter, it was going to take a huge effort from both sides if they wanted to come away with the win. With the game on the line, the Crows shut off for six minutes and the Giants stepped up, needing a goal to put themselves ahead, Steph Tabaillou stood up, kicking two goals in quick succession, putting the Giants back in front and securing the win, and locking away their third Premiership in a row

The Hero

Jacob Gordon had a lot of traffic coming his way in the back line and he did not fold, taking numerous intercept marks deep in the Giants defensive 50, and relieving the growing pressure on the Giants defense, keeping them in the game all the way to the end.

The Support Crew

Josh Love has been a standout in his first premiership season and once again put out a strong performance on both ends of the ground, working through the midfield to support the Giants back line and providing a strong leading option up front.

The Consolation Effort

Xavier Rice was huge for the Crows often being the link between the backline and the forward line. He attacked loose ball at pace and set the Crows heading in the right direction, running hard for the entire game.

Western CrowsCentral Giants
First Quarter2:1:133:0:18
Half Time4:4:283:2:20
Third Quarter5:9:395:3:33
Full TIme5:10:407:8:50

Goal Scorers

Western Crows: Brendan Clark 1, Tyrone Stubbs 1, Joey Alesich 1, Drew Clemas 1, Dan Howie 1

Central Giants: Steph Tabaillou 3, Touariki Dodds 2, Josh Love 1, Logan Bonhomme 1.