Ravens hold strong to beat the Stars

The Western Ravens have continued their streak of strong performances around the park to beat the Stars.

The Western Ravens delivered a strong first up performance against the Southern Stars in the season opener, where the Ravens came out on top. The Stars however have steadily been improving and looked strong as the two sides battled it out in the first quarter. The Ravens have developed a reputation for putting the pressure on early as the side mounted an early attack. The Stars did extremely well to handle the pressure and kept the Ravens to just 2 goals in the opening quarter.

The second quarter was much the same as the first and the Ravens game plan was paying off for them, getting the ball into their forward 50 early and setting up an impenetrable wall to stop the ball from coming back out. Axel Oswald was brilliant defensively setting the wall, intercepting the Stars attempts to break past and returning the ball back up front. Despite the pressure the Stars held on, once again only allowing 2 goals to get through.

With the Stars still within reach it was going to take a huge performance to from either side to secure a win, but it was the Ravens who came out firing form the half time break. Some wayward goal kicking kept the score from breaking away, but the Ravens were relentless in the third quarter making it difficult for the Stars to work themselves back into the game. The Stars returned back to their form from earlier in the game, but the damage had been done and the Ravens came away with their third win of the season.

The Hero

Axel Oswald is a big time player for the Ravens, consistently one of their best, she stepped up again for the Ravens. Her leadership skills and defensive presence helped lock the ball in their attacking half and kept the pressure on the Stars, allowing her team mates to get more opportunities at kicking for goal.

The Support Crew

Liv Waldron, Latisha Trigwell were once again brilliant for the Ravens. Two very strong offensive players coming from rugby backgrounds, they both attack the ball well and take the game on at pace, drawing in defenders and creating openings. They are also both amongst the Ravens most consistent scorers, having kicked goals in all three of the Ravens games so far.

The Consolation Effort

Zoe Gullery is an exciting young talent and paints a very promising future for the Stars. The young forward has found a passion for AFL and it shows, getting stuck into every opportunity she gets, fighting hard for the ball. In what was a difficult day for the forwards, she worked tirelessly to get in front of the ball and get hands on.

Western RavensSouthern Stars
First Quarter2:2:6140:1:1
Half Time4:3:270:2:2
Second Quarter6:9:450:2:2
Full Time8:9:570:3:3

Goal Scorers

Western Ravens: Latisha Trigwell 2, Katie Adamson 1, Tonya Botherway 1, Axel Oswald 1, Buell Verkade 1, Liv Waldron 1, Ronja Pfeiffer 1

Southern Stars: nil