Ravens offense shines against Shakers

The Western Ravens have taken a commanding lead on the ladder after a big win against the Central Shakers.

The opening quarter saw the Ravens mount a forward pressure attack from the start, with the midfield working tirelessly to deliver the ball inside 50 where it would stay until they scored, kicking 3 goals to start the game. The Shakers answered back with one goal through Emily Wade, but could not close the gap any further as the Ravens finished the Quarter leading by 16.

The Ravens kept the pace going in the second quarter and once again, getting the ball inside 50 and then building a wall to keep it in there. The Strategy was paying off as they were able to get plenty of turnover ball and create more opportunities to have a shot on goal, kicking another 3 goals in the quarter

The Shakers tightened up on defense in the third quarter and restricted the Ravens to one goal. Tonya Botherway and Katie Adamson flexed their goal kicking capabilities throughout the game, with both players kicking 3 goals each and they lead the way in the fourth quarter as the Ravens put their foot on the gas pedal, kicking 5 goals for the quarter, and giving them a big lead on the ladder.

The Hero

Tonya Botherway was immense for the Ravens out of the midfield. Getting hands on the ball early she mad great delivery into the forward line and then followed up strong to help the Ravens getting into scoring position, even kicking 3 goals of her own

The Support Crew

Latisha Trigwell and Ceyan Drollet are attacking powerhouses, capable of breaking tackles and beating defenders, the pair are hard to stop. Axel Oswald is a great defender and reads the play very well. Her ability to turn defense into attack kickstarts the Ravens counter attack efforts.

The Consolation Effort

Jess Whattam is a talented defender. On a tough day for the Shakers defensively, she actively disrupted the Ravens play and forced them to have to reset or look for another option. Contesting everything that came her way, Jess made the Ravens have to work for everything they got.

Central ShakersWestern Ravens
First Quarter1:0:63:4:22
Half Time1:0:66:7:43
Second Quarter1:0:67:9:51
Full Time1:0:612:14:86

Goal Scorers

Central Shakers: Emily Wade 1

Western Ravens: Katie Adamson 3, Tonya Botherway 3, Ceyan Tungane 2, Buell Verkade 1, Liv Waldron 1, Latisha Trigwell 1, Cassie Ormsby 1