The Central Giants storm home against the Crows

The Giants have stormed home against the Crows to take a commanding lead on the competition Ladder at the halfway mark.

Both teams started the game strong, neither team able to gain an edge on the other. A constant back and forward from attack to defence ensued, the Crows applied pressure early but were unable to convert. The Giants fought hard throughout the quarter and broke the deadlock to kick the first goal of the game, giving them a six point lead at the break.

The second quarter opened with a hiss and a roar, with the Crows moving the ball beautifully from the centre bounce, and kicking a goal in the opening minute. The Giants didn’t take long to fire back though, kicking a goal of their own after the next center bounce. The back and forward tussle continued between the two sides with the Crows managing to take a four point lead heading into half time.

The Giants upped the pace in their opening outing of the season and this game was no different, Logan Toomer was putting on a show up front taking multiple contested marks and kicking three goals throughout the game. The scoreboard pressure continued to mount and the Crows found themselves unable to keep up with Joey Alesich doing his best to keep the game within reach with two goals of his own. The Giants stormed home with a 6 goal fourth quarter and were not going to be stopped, handing them both the win and a clear lead on the competition ladder.

The Hero
Giants captain Mitch Weir had a sensational game and lead from the front. His strong run and carry game and willingness to throw his body into congestion to get his hands on the footy set a launch pad for the Giants to mount their counterattack.

The Support Crew
Josh Love had another great game, and his ability to read the play and take intercept marks was a big difference making for the Giants and made it very difficult for the Crows to get on a roll. Jakob Campbell and Michael Willis also played strong defensive games and played a big part in keeping the Crows from staging a comeback

The Consolation Effort

Jamie Gresham had a lot of work to do for the Crows in the back line and he did not shy away from the challenge, creating strong contests, taking intercepts marks and giving the Crows the best chance to stay in the fight form the backline.

Central GiantsWestern Crows
First Quarter1:1:70:1:1
Half Time2:3:153:2:20
Second Quarter5:6:364:2:26
Full Time11:9:756:3:39

Goal Scorers

Central Giants: Logan Toomer 2, Matt Allen 2, Josh Love 2, Elliot Crean 1, Cody Beale 1, Touariki Dodds 1, Steph Tabaillou 1

Western Crows: Joey Alesich 2, Jevaan Croft 1, Emil Johannessen 1, Carlos Donnell-Brown 1, Dan Howie 1