Western Crows snatch first win against the Saints

The Western Crows have kept their premiership hopes alive, beating the Saints with a solid second half performance and getting their first win of the season.

The last game in Christchurch for the season, saw a classic match between the two rivals. With the season on the line, the Crows started strong, kicking the first goal and controlling the game for the first half of the opening quarter. The Saints wouldn’t be held down though and star forward Lachie McBride putting the Saints in front later in the quarter as the Saints took back control, finishing the quarter with an 8 point lead.

The back and forward nature of the game that the rivals have become accustomed to over the years ensued with neither team able to gain an edge. The Crows gameplan started to creep in, and their devastating run and carry playing style started to creep in for the first time in this season. Brendan Clark controlled the game well at the back and often started the run and carry from the Crows defensive 50. The Saints held on to the lead heading into half time, but the difference between the sides was cut to just four points.

The glimpses of the Crows run and carry brilliance shone through in waves in the third quarter with the side operating at both ends and countering with fast paced hand passing and all 16 players on field running both ways. The Crows defense held together well in the third quarter keeping the Saints to zero goals while the Crows scored three and took 13 point lead heading into the final quarter. As the Crows run started to slow down, the Saints found their feet again, but just ran out of time to make claw back the Crows lead, with the Crows winning their first game of the season 62 – 47

The Hero
Leadership is a quality that shines strong and Brendan Clark was oozing leadership. His comms and directions to the rest of the Crows was immense and his decision making and composure with ball in hand was a huge difference maker.

The Support Crew
Jevaan Croft and Joey Alesich were huge for the Crows. Jevaan had a great game up front leading hard and taking numerous strong marks in front of goal, kicking 3 goals for the game. Joey Alesich relished in his opportunity to play in the midfield, his endeavor on both the offensive and defensive end was fantastic and Joey was one of the key connections between the backs and the forwards which lead to the Crows highest scoring shot count of the season.

The Consolation Effort

Jay Johnson faced off against his old team for the first time since moving to the Saints, and there was no love lost. Jay was a nightmare to handle, his defensive pressure disrupting the Crows flow of play and his run and carry left Crows defenders second guessing.

Southern SaintsWestern Crows
First Quarter2:3:151:1:7
Half Time4:7:314:3:27
Second Quarter4:11:357:6:48
Full Time6:11:479:8:62

Goal Scorers

Southern Saints: Lachie McBride 4, Josh Robles-McGill 1, Jay Johnson 1.

Western Crows: Jevaan Croft 3, Callum Jenkinson 2, Tyrone Stubbs 1, Brendan Clark 1, Drew Clemas 1, Logan Bonhomme 1