Western Ravens edge out Shakers to finish season undefeated

The Western Ravens have held off a strong Central Shakers side to finish their season undefeated.

In their last fixture of the season, the Western Ravens were looking to start fast and get on the board early, however the Central Shakers rose to the challenge and defensively had the Ravens under control. The Ravens managed sneak through 2 goals in the first quarter through Holly Lightbourne and Coola Baudry which gave them control of the game and a healthy 13 point lead at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter was tough and the defense form both sides was working immensely hard, making it difficult for both sides attack to get going. The Ravens managing to get only a behind in the quarter to extend their lead out to 14.

The third quarter saw the game start to open up, both teams begun to make headway through rock solid defenses. The Ravens were unable to convert their attempts into goals, while the Shakers kicked their first of the game through Shaiah Te Paiho, putting them on the board and bringing them back into the game, Cutting the Ravens lead to 11.

With only 11 points separating the two sides and defense making it difficult for either time to get ahead, whoever scored next was going to win the game, and as the clock ticked down and the constant tussle continued, the Ravens kicked a goal to bring the gap between the sides to 17. With time running the Shakers were unable to answer back; the Ravens going on to win the game and complete their perfect season.

The Caps off a fantastic season for the Ravens and hands them their first Premiership title.

The Hero

Buell Verkade has been a key player for the Ravens all season and really stood up for the side when they needed her. With plenty of experience under her belt and lead from the front to push her side to the finish. Capable of playing in any position, Buell has a strong run and carry game that can break the defense wide open.

The Support Crew

Amelia Pascoe is a great defender and in a game where the Ravens were put under pressure she really stood strong and held the defense in tact alongside fellow standout defender Axel Oswald

The Consolation Effort

Heather Williamson is a talented up and coming player and lead the way for the Shakers, setting the tone for Shakers, her hard nosed attitude and desperation to get hands on the ball disrupted the Ravens regular style of play

Western RavensCentral Shakers
First Quarter2:1:130:0:0
Half Time2:2:140:0:0
Third Quarter2:5:171:0:6
Full Time3:5:231:0:6

Goal Scorers

Western Ravens: Holly Lightbourne 1, Coola Baudry 1, Tyla Goodsell-Matthews 1

Central Shakers: Shaiah Te Paiho 1