AFL Cross Code Skill Acquisition

Cross Code Skill Acquisition has been developed for Secondary schools using AFL to assist with skill acquisition and development in other codes. With that in mind the programme has been designed specifically to focus on the two skills of kicking and catching.


Links can be made from Cross Code Skill acquisition for curriculum, other codes and preparation for Secondary School Interschool competition the AFL Cup and AFL New Zealand Youth pathway opportunities leading to National representation.


  • Develop specialised skills that can be transferred across codes
  • Support and resources to carry on with specialised training on skill acquisition
  • Links with curriculum
  • Player Pathway opportunities within the AFLNZ Youth pathway


  • Any field is sufficient for these sessions, if fields closed or bad weather courts or gym works really well
  • Equipment relevant to delivery of session
  • Links to skills videos provided for understanding and further development


  • Time spent can vary dependant on the group and outcomes required. It is recommended that 4 sessions to be delivered for the fundamentals of the kicking and catching
  • These sessions can take place at any time during the school day, before school, in class, Lunchtime or after school


$30 + gst is the cost for an AFL New Zealand Coach for 1 hour per class up to 30. We recommend Cross Code Skill Acquisition is conducted over four sessions. AFL New Zealand is involved in funded programmes that can reduce costs for your school in some cases.


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