Coach the Coaches

AFL Secondary Schools Curriculum


Coach the coaches

Coach the Coaches takes a look at the fundamentals of AFL and the AFL Kiwikick programme. After 6 – 8 practical structured sessions your students will assist delivery of the AFL Kiwikick programme in local Primary or Intermediate schools in your area.


Links to curriculum

Coach the Coaches can and has been used for students being assessed for NCEA achievement standards or NZQA Unit Standards. Coach the Coaches is also available to tertiary institutes.


  • AFL NZ Level O / Level 1 Kiwikick coaching accreditation
  • Practical environment for Curriculum assessments
  • Community Links
  • Potential employment
  • AFL self sufficiency within your school


  • Time spent can vary and recommended that the Coach the Coaches programme runs for a minimum of 6 and up to 8 in class sessions.
  • The AFL Kiwikick programme is delivered to the Primary and Intermediate Schools one day a week for 6 weeks in school. This provides students the opportunity to deliver their coaching session as either part of or the full AFL Kiwikick programme.
  • To obtain AFL Kiwikick Coach Level O accreditation students are required to deliver a minimum of 4 sessions and 8 sessions for AFL Kiwikick Coach Level 1

Session Overview

The first 3 sessions are focused on the basics of the game to give the students an opportunity to get a feel for the game themselves, with the remaining sessions focused on coaching strategies and Content involved in the delivery of the AFL Kiwikick programme.

Session content:

  1. The Need to Know: Basic skills of Drop Punt and Handball followed by a modified game
  2. Marking the Most of it: Why the Mark is important, ball off the ground, bouncing and bigger field game
  3. AFL9s: Putting the skills together to play a game of AFL9s
  4. AFL Kiwikick: Intro to the programme, strategies and terminology used to deliver
  5. FUNdamentals: Teaching games for understanding – using fun games to apply and develop the skills
  6. Primary Target: Peer coaching – a chance to practice session delivery with your peers


$240 + gst will secure your Coach the Coaches programme. AFL New Zealand is involved in funded programmes that can reduce costs for your school in some cases. Programme costs are dependent on time, sessions, staff involved, commitment to resource kits and ongoing activity and the combination of programmes undertaken by the school.

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