AFL House Rules

AFL Secondary Schools House Rules


The AFL House Rules Programme focuses on providing students with easy access to participate in the new and dynamic sport of AFL. The competition takes place at a venue determined by your school, most often within your own school grounds. This alleviates travel costs for the school and the participants and more importantly provides opportunities to more students beyond the elite school representative teams.

The format is a perfect for competition between classes or houses and can be played by boys, girls or in a mixed format that utilises touch, tag or tackle modifications. It’s a new fun way to get more kids, more active, more often and improve the skills of Kick, Catch, Pass and Bounce at the same time.

AFL House Rules can be combined with a number of other AFL NZ Secondary School programmes to involve coordination by fellow students and curriculum based activities or as a selection trial for your AFL Cup team. The “Teachers versus Students” Clash is a great way to finish this fun programme.


  1. A new sport providing a level playing field for all students
  2. A reduction in travel expenses by playing at your own school
  3. Team, class or house association and pride in belonging
  4. Transferable skill development to other sports
  5. Promoting and increasing physical activity for students
  6. Rule modifications to suit class size and facilities.


  1. Rules and regulations for the school and participants
  2. Footballs, goal posts, line markers
  3. Coaching and umpiring staff facilitators
  4. Trophy and spot prizes


The competition takes place over a minimum of six weeks and can be held at lunch time, in association with school classes or directly after school and at any time during the year.


Cost for AFL House Rules will vary for each school dependant on schools needs and competition format.

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