Introduction to AFL


Introduction to AFL teaches AFL skills and uses modified games to reach the end product of playing a full game of AFL. The programme can be combined with junior class units of work, linked to curriculum programmes and lead into competition programmes.



  1. Provides an afinity to the sport
  2. Develop skills that can be transferred across codes
  3. Leads into a Player Pathway for the students, promoting and increasing physical activity
  4. Links to curriculum – Ball Sports, International Sports, Evasion games, Invasion games

Session Overview & Content:

Learning the basic skills and quickly getting into fun modified games developing into a game of AFL.


  1. The Skills: The basics of the fundamental skills for AFL and used in modified games.
  2. Play AFL: playing a game of AFL. Modified to suit classes needs.


  • 2 in class sessions – can be more to suit.


  • Any Rugby or Soccer field is sufficient to play AFL, if fields are closed or there’s bad weather, courts or gym works really well.
  • All resources in the form of footballs, portable posts and field set up will be supplied by AFL NZ.
  • We will also provide the AFL Secondary Schools booklet, so when we leave you can continue to play.


$35 + gst is the cost for an AFL New Zealand Coach for 1 hour per class up to 30. We recommend Introduction to AFL is conducted over two sessions. AFL New Zealand is involved in funded programmes that can reduce costs for your school in some cases.


[next_button color=”red” link=””]For more information, contact AFL New Zealand for further information, 021 966648 or 09 448 0305.[/next_button]