Secondary Schools AFL Combine

AFL Secondary Schools Combine
Ben Armstrong of Bay of Islands College, who set a new NZ record in the AFL Agility Test at the AFL New Zealand National Combine.

The Secondary Schools AFL Combine Programme is underpinned by an exciting testing format that provides participants with the opportunity to compete in a number of skills and athletic testing.

Each of the events within the programme has a focus on fun and looks to provide those involved with motivation to improve themselves in varying facets of skill and fitness.

Speed, agility, endurance, suppleness and hand and eye coordination, are all attributes that if provided in the right format, can inspire students to become more involved in not only participating in sport but also monitoring their own progress.


  1. An insight to personal fitness, skill and the ability to monitor progress
  2. Promoting and increasing physical activity and excellence for students
  3. Links to participation pathways including New Zealand representation and International Scholarships with AFL Clubs
  4. AFLNZ National Combine, AFLNZ Academy and National Representation


  1. Testing equipment and recorded information available to students and staff.
  2. Certificates to signify performance results and progress
  3. Staff to monitor testing results and provision of feedback


  • The Secondary Schools AFL Combine involves two, 90 minute sessions per student with the first and last session separated by a four to six week time frame.
  • Sessions can be conducted during lunch time, in association with school classes or directly after school and at any time during the year.
  • The programme can be supplemented by four training sessions focused on assisting improvement in results. These take place in weekly intervals between the two testing dates.


  • The two testing dates involving two staff, testing equipment, certificates and results has a total cost of $180 + GST for every class of 30 students .
  • Extra training sessions are $30 + GST per hourly session.
  • AFL New Zealand is involved in funded programmes that can reduce costs for your school in some cases.