Concussion: For Youth Players (aged 5-17)

In line with the AFL’s guideline on concussions for underage players we request all players and parents read the below:

  • The child is not to return to play or sport until they have successfully returned to school/learning, without worsening of symptoms. Symptom assessment in the child often requires the addition of parent and/or teacher input.
  • It is reasonable for a child to miss a day or two of school after concussion, but extended absence is uncommon.

It is critical that the basic principles of return to play decisions are followed to ensure that a concussed player is fully recovered before being allowed to do so.

All players with concussion or suspected concussion MUST be seen by the physio on hand. If you suspect you have been concussed sub yourself off and see the physio.

A player with suspected concussion must be withdrawn from playing or training until fully evaluated by a medical practitioner and cleared to play.

A concussed player must not be allowed to return to school, or return to training or playing before having a medical clearance.