Holding the ball

Holding the Ball can be categorised into 4 main areas:

  • Prior opportunity
  • Diving on the ball
  • No Prior – genuine attempt
  • Incorrect Disposal
Prior opportunity

A player will be deemed to have had prior opportunity if:

  • Are balanced and steady (had a reasonable chance to dispose of the ball)
  • Has chosen to take on a player (fend or evade)
  • Had an opportunity to dispose and chooses not to
Diving on the ball

Where a player elects to dive on or drag the ball into or under the body, if legally tackled must knock the ball clear.

Failure to do so will result in the player being penalised for holding the football.

No Prior Opportunity – genuine attempt

Player who takes possession of the football and has had no prior opportunity will be given reasonable opportunity to make an attempt to correctly dispose of the ball correctly

Players do not have to correctly handpass or kick the football but must demonstrate to umpire they are making a genuine attempt to dispose the ball

Incorrect Disposal

The player who has the ball and drops, throws or places the ball on the ground without making genuine attempt to dispose the ball will be penalised.