What is “Out of Bounds”?

To be considered out of bounds the ball must be completely over the boundary line. If any portion of the ball is on or above the line then it shall be deemed in play.

Disposing of the ball from Out of Bounds

If disposing of the ball from out of bounds a Player who is awarded a Free Kick or a Mark may bring the football into play from beyond the Boundary Line provided that the Player moves in one direction whilst in the act of Kicking, Handballing or moving to cross the Boundary Line.

Kicking in from behind the boundary line

If the player If a Player taking their Kick from outside the Boundary Line fails to bring the football into play or attempts to play on outside the boundary line (moves off the mark outside the boundary line or then the football will be deemed out of bounds and a boundary throw in will be called.

Standing the Mark Adjacent to Behind Post

Where a Player is given or takes possession of the football beyond the Boundary Line within 2 metres of the behind post, the Player standing the mark must be positioned 5 metres away from the Boundary Line.

Out of Bounds from a Kick-in after a behind

If the football travels out of bounds (either on the full or along the ground) after a kick-in from a behind and is not touched by any player then the other team shall receive a Free Kick from the point at which the ball travelled out of bounds.

If the football is touched before it travels out of bounds then it shall be a boundary throw-in.