Scoring and Restarting after Scoring


A goal (6 points) is kicked when the ball is kicked completely over the goal line (between the two goal posts) by an attacking player, without being touched by another player irrespective of it touching the ground before crossing the line. A kick is defined as the ball making contact below the knee.

Once a goal has been kicked the ball restarts in the centre circle with a ruck (the same as the start of the game and start after quarter/half-time breaks)


A Behind (1 point) is scored when:

  • The football touches the goal post (one of the two big posts). This includes padding or anything attached to the post
  • The football completely crosses over the behind line between a behind post (the little post) and a goal post.
  • If the ball is kicked over the goal line but it touches another player on the way through
  • If a defender Kicks/handballs/knocks or otherwise takes the football over the goal line/through the goal posts
  • If the attacking player gets the ball over the goal line/through the goal posts in a way other than being kicked (i.e. run over/hand balled through)
  • If a defending Player “Plays On” from behind the Goal Line or Behind Line and, in doing so, moves off the direct line between themselves and the Player standing the mark.

After a Behind is scored play restarts with the defending team “kicking out” from within their “goal square” – the square in front of the goal posts. The defender must not step on the line or outside the square before kicking or else it is a “ball up” on the edge of the goal square. If wanting to run the ball out of the square, a player must kick it to his/herself before they leave the square.