Coach AFL

The quality of coaching is one of the primary reasons why players either continue to participate in AFL or give up the game. Teaching the skills, tactics and strategies of Australian football is a rewarding experience. The coach has significantly more influence upon players than any other official or person connected with football.

All coaches involved in an AFLNZ Programme need to be accredited and it it’s highly recommended local clubs and Leagues ensure their coaches are accredited too

Typically, new coaches start with AFL KiwiKick or a junior team whilst they continue to develop their coaching philosophy and build on their coaching skills.

Senior coaching positions tend to be advertised through local league website and social media

Coaches should be accredited according to the age level of the players they are coaching.

The CoachAFL online platform is designed as a central resource centre for coaches.

It will serve as a national membership database, enable coaches to manage their CoachAFL Membership (including accreditation, ongoing education and compliance) and provide access to a central Online Repository housing quality coaching resources and educational support.

CoachAFL offers three Foundation Level courses: Junior, Youth & Senior. These courses have been developed in consultation with industry professionals and are tailored towards the playing group of the player’s you coach. Upon completing your coaching profile, you will be provided the course that is most relevant to the age of your playing group.

CoachAFL members will have exclusive access to high quality and consistent information that will:

  • Explain the development pathway for coaches of all age groups
  • Provide online educational and development opportunities
  • Provide accessible resources to guide coaches on their journey
  • Ensure aspiring coaches understand the significance of the role they play and how to positively influence the personal development of players of all ages and ability levels
  • Ensures coaches understand their obligations

On Completing a one of the Foundation Course, you will get access to Rookie Me Coach platform

What is Rookie ME Coach?

Rooke Me Coach is an innovative, online coaching platform hosting an extensive library of training drills, sessions, coaching tools and education resources tailored for coaches at all levels.

Steps you need to complete to get access to Rookie Me

  • Step 1, Register on CoachAFL
  • Step 2’ Completed Foundation Course best suited to the team you are coaching
  • Once both these steps are completed you will get access to CoachAFL resources and Rookie Me Platform

Each year, existing coaches will still be required to login and complete an update (online module) to keep their accreditation current. Each coach (New or Existing) will be able to register as a coach in their country during the process.

When updating Coach Profile information, to select a country as the place you are Coaching;

  • Scroll down to coaching Role
  • Select International from the drop-down menu
  • Select your country
  • Select type of coach

Once you have updated your profile and completed the required modules, coaches will have access to a wide range of resources and benefits as part of their CoachAFL Membership including:

  • Foundation (Level 1) Accreditation
  • Extensive Resource Library containing videos, articles, podcasts, interactive online modules and more
  • The Rookie Me Coach Platform – Training Activities and Session – Link to Rookie Me platform walk through HERE
  • Free face-to-face and virtual coaching workshops and webinar sessions
  • Much, much more!