NZ Kahu

New Zealand Kahu Youth Girls 

The New Zealand U18 Youth Girls is for players selected from a series of Combine testing, trials, participation in the AFL New Zealand Youth Competition and AFL New Zealand Academy who turn 18 or younger in the year the Youth competition commences. Those selected in the New Zealand U18 Youth Girls will play a two match series against a touring Australian side April of each year. Several of these players will be working towards selection in the AFLW U18 National Championships in Australia, May of each year.

The Youth Girls debuted against the touring Australian Youth Girls team in October 2013 in a three match series. This series was repeated in early October 2014, with a further tournament taking place against the Woomeras, Australia’s best female indigenous players in December 2014 and 2015.The New Zealand Kahu Youth Girls were last winners in their successful series campaign against Mornington Peninsula Youth Girls, April 2017 played at Wellingtons Hutt Park.

Talent identification is conducted through Secondary School Programmes and the AFLNZ Youth Competition.

If you would like to learn more about the AFL New Zealand High Performance Programme, Secondary School Programmes or how you can play AFL and represent New Zealand, please get in touch with AFLNZ, or 09 4480305.

History makers: The 2017 New Zealand U18 Youth Girls were the first team to win a national campaign series in New Zealand.