Pathway and Accreditation


Foundation accreditation is the first level of accreditation and can be completed at any stage through the year. It provides accreditation for coaches at a community, school or recreation level. It is recommended that coaches complete the Foundation Coach course relevant to the playing age they coach. E.g., A coach of Local Club team should complete the Senior Coaching Course. 

  • All Youth Coaches to compete (AFL Cup, Youth Programmes)
  • Any Coaches that’s WANT to be Coincided for
    • AFLNZ Academy (Youth)
    • Level 1 (Youth)
    • Level 2 (Youth)
    • Youth Kahu (Youth)
    • Premiership (Senior)
  • It is highly recommended that all clubs and leagues appoint coaches who have Completed the Senior Foundation Course as a minimum 

Note, you may be asked to complete different courses, even if you have your Foundation Accreditation Course. I.e. if you have Completed Foundation Senior Course, because you are coaching a club side, we will ask for you to complete the Foundation Youth Course if you are involved with AFLNZ Academy, Level 1, 2 of Youth Kahu.

Foundation Courses can be completed anytime of the year via CoachAFL online platform.

Level 2

– To be held During Club Season and Pre-Premiership Trainings and AFLNZ Academy (maybe invites to online courses hosted in Australia throughout the year)

  • All New Premiership coaches need to complete
  • Ideally any coaches wanting to be involved with (helps with your development and pathway to higher teams in the future)
    • AFLNZ Academy
    • L1, L2, Youth Kahu
  • Any coach that WANTS to be considered for
    • Premiership in the future
    • All Stars
    • NZ Falcons
    • NZ Kahu
    • NZ U18 Falcons
Level 2 courses will be advertised when they are available.